Our Core Values

Values and Beliefs

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We believe in delivering the highest quality management education to our students in a dynamic environment of mutual learning, teamwork and support. We believe in embossing our students with commitment to affordability, excellence, community engagement, assurance of learning, diversity, globalization, ethical and social responsibility, knowledge creation and application, and success.

Our Core Values

  • Achievement: It includes attaining personal success in a range of human endeavors, pursuing individual excellence, and displaying pride and satisfaction in personal achievement and the achievements of organization.
  • Creativity: It includes valuing original ideas, demonstrating enterprise and innovation, and engaging and responding to the aesthetic qualities of the created and constructed world.
  • Excellence: It includes striving for excellence in teaching through academic rigor and relevance.
  • Integrity: It includes faithfulness, truth, discernment, and acting honestly, ethically and consistently.
  • Resilience: It includes recognizing strengths and maximizing potential; developing self-management, self-confidence and self-respect; and nurturing optimism, joy, perseverance, well being and peace.
  • Responsibility: It includes stewardship, and accepting both individual and collective responsibility for contributing to sustainable community and its development.

The logo of the Institute is 'ERUDITION, FAITH AND CHARACTER' which negates INJUSTICE (ANANYA), IMMORTALITY (ANNETI) AND GREED (PARIGRAHA) in every domain of life. These values are universally and eternally relevant.
We are on the journey to new frontiers, a discovery of new horizons, where science and spirituality make their tryst with destiny.

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